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TB: This offense, there are completions all over the field. I’ve been able to watch the quarterbacks practice, I’ve been on the sidelines for the home games and been able to custom nfl jerseys watch the games. The guys have been competing at a high level. They’ve been very efficient, not taking too many sacks and playing fast. I like what I’ve been seeing from the offense and hope that we can continue to keep going forward.

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The result of cheap nfl jersey coupon code such a weak FPI rating is a very poor projection for the Jets season, though that’s what many of their fans want. With this season practically lost before it has started, many members of the fan base (and maybe the front office?) are hoping the team can lose as many games as possible in order to put them in position to draft a quarterback such as USC’s Sam Darnold, UCLA’s Josh Rosen or Wyoming’s Josh Allen early in next year’s first round.

Jones: Various cases from the past have brought on the sentiment that the commissioner should not be the one to handle punishments. If you also feel that way, what’s the alternative?


Jordy Nelson: He’s on playoff rosters in only 32.1 percent of ESPN 10-team standard leagues, the lowest of any healthy first-round pick. His 120.0 PPR fantasy points is also the fewest of any of the eight first-rounders excluding Johnson and Beckham, as Nelson suffered greatly in terms of production with Aaron Rodgers sidelined.

9. Kansas City cheap Broncos jerseys Chiefs (6-4, LW: 6) The Chiefs are lucky the AFC West has been far worse than anyone expected. I still think there’s a good team here, but it’s a lot harder to take that stance after cheap football jerseys they’ve just lost to a Giants team that looked like it cardinals football jerseys sale didn’t want to play football anymore this season.

It’s funny, when one thing is taken away, we’re kind of wired to fill that time with something else, Olsen said. Good or bad, that’s the way a lot of us are wired. To be able to throw a lot of my effort and my attention and time to something that meant a lot to me, it helped occupy my mind cheap china nike nfl jerseys 6xl and gave me a little purpose, for sure.

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They accomplished that in a way that has been unlike so many of their games this season. It was a fairly dominant Detroit win — one in which the offense moved well and the defense was sharp. It was also a game in which the Lions, surprisingly, played with a lead almost the entire time.

Welcome back, Ezekiel Elliott. It’s not as if Alfred Morris was bad; he wasn’t. Morris averaged 4.3 yards per carry during Elliott’s six-game absence, but it wasn’t the run game that suffered without him. It was the passing attack — and Elliott can help put Dallas in a better spot on obvious throwing downs.


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unwraps a Subway panini in the common area adjoining his bedroom. The space is empty of belongings, except for jars of peanut Atlanta Falcons home jersey butter and jelly, a package of Ritz crackers, clothes and a playbook. He is 2,000 miles from home, cheap nfl authentic jerseys from china free shipping surrounded by teammates who, by and large, ventured to Canada after failing elsewhere. Practices are sparingly attended—80 fans dotting metal bleachers, no security, no deejay spinning tunes.

Haden, who cheap jerseys China was Cleveland’s first-round pick in the 2010 draft, has fought through injuries the last two seasons. He missed 11 games in 2015 with a finger injury and concussion and three in 2016, when he played through two groin issues that required postseason surgery.

You try to prepare for that with your depth in training camp and obviously your practice squad guys, you try to get them ready, Gruden said. But, when you get overwhelmed on the offensive line and now at tight end and safety … it becomes a challenge. But we’re going to keep fighting on and put some guys out there and get them ready to play. That’s all we can do.

8. I think one of the coolest things I saw over the weekend in Atlanta cheap jerseys happened Friday morning at the John Lewis Invictus Charter School on the West Side, in the neighborhood that the Falcons hope gets a boost from the new stadium. There, about 150 gym teachers and school volunteers from around the state gathered to get taught the basics in flag-football coaching and league organization as part of the Falcons’ Rise Up 159 flag football programs. The franchise is funding flag football programs at one school in all 159 Georgia counties, and providing a pool of grant money for other interested schools and youth programs, to encourage kids to play the game—and, frankly, to play anything. This is something all 32 franchises should be doing, in my mind.

Imagine playing on a team that’s losing every time — you’re the guy on defense out there every week covering the best guy, Haden said. It takes a certain amount of mental fortitude. Come December, Deion Sanders jersey everyone’s checked out that they know they aren’t making the playoffs. His mentality cheap Broncos youth jerseys was to be out there competing and sticking the best guys. I commend Joe.

Still, it’s not as if New England is lacking penn state football jersey custom for weapons. Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola, deep-threat Brandin Cooks and All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski are all on tap to face the Jaguars come Sunday.

7. The buying nfl jerseys china illegal births in the united Tennessee Titans placed cornerback LeShaun Sims on injured reserve after he suffered a hamstring injury in Wednesday’s practice.

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